How to Find a Three Way Partner or Couples


We all know the saying that two’s company and three’s crowd. But for those open-minded singles and couples, three is just right when it comes to sex. If you think it is something that only happens in the movies, then you are wrong. In fact, you can have a three way with a little efforts and plans. Just keep reading and take a look at how to find a three way partner.

First of all, you need to know who to ask when you are arranging a threesome.
If you are a couple and both of you want to find a third partner to your bed, then you should choose wisely. It is more intractable for couples to land a perfect partner because both of them need to be attracted to one person. And they are taking a risk to ruin their relationship by bringing a third to the bed. So, choosing an ideal partner should be the priority. They can search their friend group to find someone that is single and those you are not too close. Try to discover that if those people are interested in a threesome. Of course, you can find more singles or couples on a tinder threesome dating app. But most of them are strangers and you two may not attract to a person that you barely don’t know. But it worth to try.

If you are a single woman or couple, finding a kinky couple may be a big task for you. And you may want to consider your safety since you are not in the dominant status. It is highly suggested that you can try a great threesome tinder app or threesome sites to search those couples who are real and friendly. Although you may find some weird couples or bad people, you will gain lots of opportunities to meet more couples than you can imagine. Just take your time to look and spend time getting to know them. Don’t be rush and remember to do video chatting before actually meeting with them. Pick a public place to meet and prepare a fallback plan once you feel not right during the meeting.

Then get to the question about how to ask. If you are finding partners on tinder threesome dating apps, it will be easier to ask those members that you are interested in. Just get to know each other and then bring it up. But if you are picking partners among your friends, you’d better learn some tricks to ask without offending others. Talk about a movie that involves people having a threesome or celebrities who have been reported to have a threesome with others first. And you can ask politely or pretend to make a joke about if they’ve ever had a threesome or if they are interested in it. And do make it clear that you will still keep your friendship and it is just for fun.


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