How Three Way Lifestyle Is Changing The Paradigms Of Society


The world is moving to a greater pace. Change is inevitable and resisting it would leave you backwards. In this fast moving world, thinking and choices of people are also changing. Paradigms of society have changed manifolds. People have to become a lot accommodating to survive. We have to be adaptable and less closed. Even the relationship people get in have a whole new meaning associated to it. Our minds have become dynamic and always urged for more than what we have in existing. People need innovation. Something not monotonous. Something to keep their enthusiasm of living high.

All this modern school of thought has influenced the patterns of a human relationship, particularly people’s life partner. People are adapting a more open relationship rather than confining a married couple to each other. Open marriages are common now. Another man or woman is accepted in couples’ life. Cheating and infidelity had been the root cause of failed marriages is now being dealt in a rather casual approach.

So, in a way the concept of open marriage is to accept your partner seeing anyone else. This way you can focus on your long term marriage and plan a bright future, rather wasting time on conflicts and sense of distrust. Especially when you have a potential to grow professionally and your personal life problems tend to abstain from growing. A healthy relationship requires a healthy communication and mutual understanding.

Three way relationship is a common phenomenon being derived out of open marriage concept. The couple are open to involve a third person in their life for short term or rarely long term pleasures. Normally when women are bi curious and all right with letting another woman in the relationship with her partner, then the 3 way relationship can takes place. In another way threesome can be the man agreeing to involve another guy in relation. There is seldom any chance of your partner cheating on you or trying to cheat on you.

As said earlier, modern concepts have upgraded the paradigms of relationship. People have more expectations, both financially and biologically. They love to be pleased and gotten attention all the time. A monotonous trend of relationship is changed by involving other people. These are done for regular pleasures, essentially to spice up their relationship and lifestyle. Threesome is chosen to break out of boredom and explore more forms of pleasure. It is seen to be an efficient and effective way to spice up your lifestyle, killing boredom and disinterest, raising the enthusiasm in relationship and exploring as much people as you like.

3 way relationship has may lead you to get closer to your spouse because of better understanding and cooperation, may supplement need of friends and bring back interest in life. Therefore, speaking of new lifestyle, the tinder for threesomes, acceptance is the basic ingredient of such a relationship. Insecurities may kill the intent. Couples have to be more outgoing to develop a healthy and exciting three way relation. They need to know the right type of guy or girl to hit on.


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