Why do so many guys or couples want swingers for three way


A threesome is a group sexual behavior that involves three people at the same time. In general, people do a threesome with two types: one is FMF and the other one is MFM. Most of us maybe have seen some videos about threesomes and also have heard it from our friends or someone. Many people say that they would like to try a threesome because they think they will get fully satisfied with other two people in the bed.

According to a survey conducted by 3rder, one of the best online tinder style dating apps for threesome or couple swingers, men tend to have a threesome with two couple women while couple women tend to be served by two men when taking part in a threesome. Whether men or women or couples are easily spiced up with two opposite sex in a room, that’s why men will join a MFM threesome and a couples women always join a FMF threesome.

Meanwhile, we must admit the fact that more men have participated in a threesome at least once, compared with two couple women. It seems that men have more chance to have a threesome because men usually hold the domination in the sexual activities. As a result, we are more likely to see stories with a title “My husband/boyfriend wants a three way with another woman/girl” on the Internet these days. In fact, men indeed have more opportunities to engage in a threesome than women couples.

Although men have taken part in more threesome parties than women couples have, they also have many problems in a threesome. The biggest problem they have to face in a threesome is one of the two women can easily be taken over by jealousy. If the man doesn’t pay equal attention to the two women, one of them thinks she is left out and probably stops the party. Besides, they should set up some boundaries in advance to prevent the party from being ruined by excessive actions.

Why women in a relationship will engage in a threesome? There are some reason can explain this question. Some women couples are convinced to a threesome by the other half and some of them take threesomes as a measure to please their partner. Some women have been highly interest in a threesome  app and even a part of these women are bisexual themselves. That is main four types of women who are willing to have a threesome with their own husband or boyfriend.


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